There's no such thing as small business

No matter the scale of your plans, if it’s your business, it’s a big deal. We are here to help businesses from 0-24 months to realise their ambitions, with innovative, free support designed by experts, just for you.

What is Mighty?

We’re here – a team of mentors, coaches and all-round business experts – with free one-to-one help for Rotherham and the surrounding area.

We are delivering the Sheffield City Region Launchpad Project in the Rotherham area, so whether you’re still planning your new venture, or you’re a young business in the first two years of life looking to grow, we’ll design a unique, innovative package of help around your needs.

And we’ll stick around too, being all Mighty, and reliable, and insightful and supportive, for up to 24 months.

What can Mighty do for you?

01 — The Mighty ideas workshop The ideas workshop is the only place to start… we’ll talk about your vision, ambition and plans and we’ll really test your theory. Invaluable for start-ups because this way, we explore and optimise your business ideas before you invest time and money.

02 — Healthy growth Healthy growth is for young businesses exploring their chances to grow or develop their business, our mentors are here to help you plan a bigger future, from increasing profitability to taking on staff, or expanding into new premises.

03 — Financial and legal guide Our experts deliver one-to-one help on navigating the legal and financial side of running a business, from trademarking and licensing, to tax and employment law, financial forecasting, budgeting and borrowing.

04 — Ongoing support Our support is for anyone running a business under 24 months old, we’re here with all of our services to help you sustain growth, look to the future and make the most of every chance to prosper.

05 — Business foundations Working with an assigned mentor, you’ll develop the framework for your business, exploring business models and developing your own, carrying out market and competitor research and exploring the world you need to work in, as well as how you brand and market your offer.

06 — Premises We help you with everything from affordable incubator space for start-ups and facilities to help businesses ready to expand.

01 —
The Mighty ideas workshop
02 —
Healthy growth
03 —
Financial and legal guide
04 —
Ongoing support
05 —
Business foundations
06 —